What alyuh tink about dis whole Jackson ting?

Mrs. Campbell

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but your suggestion of a DNA test is a lil redics..if they are not his biologically...matters not, they are his legally and claimed as such..

i happen to belive they are his tho
*Clay Davis voice* Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet *Clay Davis voice*



my suggestion of a dna test is simply that.. he dead, they aint his.. drama over the money.. legally they're his.. but you know with all these money dramas people can and will use whatever they can to get their hands on cash at stake...

if you really believe them kids are his, i have a bridge or two for sale up north..


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the teenage girl look like a lil spoil biitch forreal.. she gunna be ah nxt parish hilton or sumtin


Hey Ms. Carter...
Blanket get a bligh he look like Michael and have those Jackson eyes.

But Prince and Paris nope...they both look Eastern European...Joe Jackson genes too strong for those kids to look they way they do especially Prince who use to have blonde hair

but Paris looks like the doctor Mark Lester

Mark Lester

Mark Lester as a child

Harriet Lester

sorry babyloc ...that gal aint no blood kin to the Jacksons :kicks


Hey Ms. Carter...
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I see a lot of black people are upset at Michael for having white children. :rofl: They are saying how all his hard earn money are now going to white people instead of to negros. :rofl:
Well, It's a transferal of wealth from Blacks to White people. Can you imagine the Elvis estate being ceded to Blacks.