What did her parents gain from this?


Did they want to make her "Blacker?" "Did they receive more sympathy/praise for having adopted a native African instead of a African born in Europe?"

This happens more than we realize even in small ways. For example, I have a very English name and some white people are surprised/confused/disappointed and try to make sure that it isn't some similar "Blacker-sounding" name that I really meant to say.

Bonaly was born in Nice, France in 1973 and adopted by Suzanne Bonaly, a physical education teacher, and her husband Georges, an architect who worked for the government. Georges and Suzanne initially told the media that their daughter had been born on the island of Réunion, because, as David Wallechinsky's Complete Book of the Winter Olympics explains, they thought this origin sounded more "exotic". When Surya approached the age of 18 and began researching her birth history, George and Suzanne admitted that Surya's biological mother had been from the island but that Surya herself had not been born there.

For those of you who are not ice-skating fans, Surya Bonaly was an Olympic ice-skater in the 90s.