What Imix...WHAAAT now


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I just trying to unmuddy the waters....don't care either way.

You made it clear that you fabricated being born in the states and tnt

Now as to what you are alleging...I just wanted to be clear on what you were saying... did I get it right?
Ok I am going to ask the question one last time since the lady give me a statement , not an answer
Minx YES or NO did you lie about being born in the United States of America ?
i answered the question several times...allyuh take it how yuh want to as usual yes :drag:


Strum.. i'm not fat nor have i ever been so... anything contrary is the product of a fertile imagination....pic from today or two years ago, unless you've known me from high school you wouldnt be able to tell.


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Wait.. Maybe Minx was born on a Military Base like McCain.. yuh Know you still American if you born on a US Military Installation on Foreign Soil


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So, MINX parents plotted they way through canada to enter the U.S....So it's understandable that canada is a blur and non-existent in her history, she was intended to be born in NYC. But Minx fck up she parents plans with her early arrival.



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Minx is more of a new yorker than some of these people who wasnt out and about in ny during the 1990s.. if you grew up in NY during the 90s then you are a new yorker