What u rather.....

Mrs. Yankee Doodle

oh i do like that one abby xeva etc but is a catch it when i catch it it not top on the priority list.

BTW anyone watches the one wid shemar moore? sometimes the dirty talk with him and the tech chick is waaaay too overbearing at times

I watch the new guy is sexy to me kinda like how that peruvian guy was on the main LnO
Plus the female det. they brought in i knew her acting from a cancelled NBC show she was like a govt official that had to catch fugitives. She was ok so she was familiar to me by the time she reach on LnO and I like how they made the bond with her and Tutuola cos he real had her back thru her gambling issues. homie real had she back

Oh yea I love person of interest too
I'm actually found a newly discovered love for LnO crim intent... I really didn't like bobby for the LOooooongest but i've come around

But my two shows are back now
LEVERAGE ... wait, i don't think those two fit the thread theme tho

Oh another i like is one set down in florida is it the glades or something so.. the det. move from chicago to fl and he dating a nurse that gone back to med school and have a son and her ex husband was in jail then witness protection... its a fun show

Also 2 brit series i like but bare madman criminals dey pon it
Wire in the Blood
Waking the Dead

I tried MI5 but nah it not for me atall
I catch The Glades on on-demand, have too much line up for sunday as it is already...i see you watch as much tv as I do....my husband does just go, so ummm what show u have today before he thinks of making any week-night plans oui :kicks

Now I playing catch up with alot of shows since i went on vacation


Southern Belle
first 48
person of interest
haven't been watching svu like that
Snapped and NCIS original and LA from time to time
sometimes I just veg out on discovery id on Saturday morning's, but I can't even tell you the shows


Loyalty to Loyalty
Southland (best show ever)
Rookie Blue
Yep great selections

But southland each season is boss, sometimes you're sad when certain characters dont come back but thenew ones are so excellent.
Lucy LIU Real imprss me and that beat cop with theback problems that ended up being gay. Didn't see that one. They always have great dilemmas

But my girl coming back the Closer they did a good job with the writing not making it predictable. The shooting newton murder story arc was juicy.