What you read on Imix and YOU


Who feels it knows it!
Posters don't irk me, certain redundant directions people attemt to take threads does every now an den. I simply passionate about discussions having to do with children so off key talk in dem kinda threads go make meh seem probably lil aggressive. To be irked directly by posters would mean I care about them and trust and believe I doh really care bout allyuh dat much. Sorry lol
So no?
Dis yute love type.


Southern Belle
outside of some of the folks can "debbie downer" the place, I try not to hold any type of feelings.


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most times i roll my eyes an move on...
yup :drag:

Ladyrasta - just wants to type ways ever she wants in a thread and they justify why it is relevant to the discussion. Doesn't matter how many times people tell here she just doesn't understand that she SUCK at analogies..

most is "she's an idiot, steups" and move on

i will say as a newbie i took insults serious as you met me in the street and dissed me in real life. imix was my first forum so there wasn't that separation. plus imix being imix you can imagine the
d r a g g i n g i probably got at first. That adjustment period helped me not take things personally.
me too

So no?
Dis yute love type.


change is up to us...
the old people say... the hardest thing is to know...

so when the cock crow,
the cat pur or meow
and the damn dog barking...
just remember it's their nature...
to act in the only way they know how too...