what you think about this? what advice wud u give???


I met this girl through a mutual friend who told me that she's been around, to be honest my intentions was simply to hit it as well... After talking to her I realized it's not what it seemed and even if she was that person, she's not anymore. Long story short we started having a serious relationship, then one nig...ht while hanging out, one of my partners got real...ly drunk and was telling me intimate details about my girl, things that he had to be there to know. When I asked her about it she said she had a short relationship with him. I was upset, why didn't she tell me before?! So I asked if she was with anyone else that I knew and she said yes and called two more names. She was trying to explain but I wasn't listening. I don't know what got over me but I called her some of the worst names I could think of... she deceived me, she lied and now I'm looking like a fool when 3 people I know of had sex with MY girl. I broke up with her that day and we didn't speak for over five weeks. She was calling and messaging me but I was ignoring her because I was fed up of the lies. Eventually the calls stopped when I started cussing her out and telling her don't call me and to move on because I have.

Recently I was going through my inbox and I saw a message from her and decided to read it, She explained in that message that two of the three guys were her boyfriends while in school and they didnt know each other then, she didnt know I knew them either until we were already in a relationship. She never bothered to mention it because the never had sex. The third one broke her heart... tricked her into believing he wanted to settle down with her and after a few months she found out he was married and she ended it. When she met him hanging with me, he had begged her not to say anything as I am related to his wife and he was trying to change, so she didnt..

I know now that all of this is true... only now, she won't talk to me. She said she didnt realize that she needed to divulge every bit of information about her past and the way I reacted and the things I told her, she said she tried hard and long enough and she finally took my advice and moved on...

Should I let her be or should I try to get her back? I made a huge mistake and I want the opportunity to make it up to her. What do you think?".
what advice would you give??


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I met this girl through a mutual friend who told me that she's been around, to be honest my intentions was simply to hit it as well.
why act surprised and hurt after that?
no one lied to him


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ppl need to understand words are powerful, many things said in anger no amount of sorry and hindsight can erase.

hopefully this makes him wiser for the next girl

ps he obviously was immature what does he think been around means
what happened to even if she was that way in the past she wasn't like that now
if he truly had that mentality why would he overreact like that?