What's goin on this WEEKEND?


maybe a boatride sunday morning.. other than that.. i want to sleep tonight.. hell i want to sleep right now.. like close my door and catch a 30mins..


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I plan to make a unexpected arrival on people's doostep, I hope they have food & beverage stocked in their fridge....most times they don't.


Southern Belle
Little one has swimming class, and then from there we're heading out to Spotsylvania for a family reunion (not my family, my uncle's in-laws). We'll watch the game as usual, and then head on back home. Sunday we're going to an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party for a 3 year old. Might make a fancinator since we're supposed to wear weird hats.


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I plan to go eat at a relative's house on Saturday and to go to the "beach" on Sunday. And I must rearrange my closet but, I don't think that it will happen.

Black Madonna

son has football practice both Sat & Sun. scrimmage on Sat. Co-workers baby shower Sat evening. I am still tired from BIM. Somewhere in there I gotta do school shopping