Whear are the intellectuals?


Juan Dan

:kicks...u stupid :kicks
just watch the postings

someone ask her how are you

"I am supercalifragilispiespialidociousally fine thank you"
come on

like we dont know what an intelligent person is
like we dont damn fukkin know what an intelligent person is

Juan Dan

things have gotten increasingly better
I am a lil impressed


Get your passport & come !
from the kings and strongmen in hafrica to the kings n strongmen of europe

the poor and weak were always pawns

I find it a bit cruel to say "all wite people" as how it HURTS blk peopel when wite people say "all blk people are"

I am just tired of seeing thread after thread after and nobody learns anything

it reminds me of debates on street corners and from jailbirds

yet not educated folks who are professionals etc

and the teachings continue generation after generation

Exactly so in the bold.

Forget the racial thing, looking around at who is living a life you want (cause the life each person wants has all kinds of variances, but often is similar to someone who has gone before), and find out how they did it. What did they do? What did they make sure NOT to do?

Put in some critical thinking mental elbow grease into your own individual life and stop waiting for some black people saviour...the leader is you, and you have one life to live.


Get your passport & come !
not the website...the people...the mentality that the people carried...

I knew her when she just start touch road and was not a bad person...she is just nice and not suspicious of people as most people who havent been hardened to know dont trust folks....

scorndem was HURTING cause of her mother and made that known...how she ended up being embarressed in that same time period is fukd up....

I am simply explaining to minx that she simply has to be careful...

dont pretend that there wasnt GREAT PLEASURE taken in exposing gal poosy and bress and whatever else...
GREAT PLEASURE and I suspect the methods used to accomplish are quite devilish...
you have NO IDEA about Scorndem.....people read and interpret what dem want...but you don't know HALF the story...not even 1/4
She was in love with Madness, we know that much. Among other things.

Hope she's alright wherever she is...and that you didn't touch her!