Where did you have the coolest sex?


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It all depends on what is considered the coolest sex. If we are talking about just cool sex, from which my roof is blown away, then I would probably call a bed at home, the most pleasant thing. And if we are just talking about an unusual place, then this will obviously be the roof of a 9-storey building. It was summer and it was really cool. I then ordered one of https://escortsitebelgrade.com/location-cukarica/. An unforgettable experience, I advise everyone.


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Oh, by the way, I also ordered girls for myself https://escortsitebelohorizonte.com/location-carlos-prates/, but I had sex with them in a usual place, at home in bed, I didn’t guess to take them to some interesting place, I don’t know if they would agree or not. But in any case, I think that such things do not have a very good effect on both material and sexual health, it’s still quite dangerous, everyone chooses for himself...


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