Which is your Temperament ?


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These Temperaments identify the differences in people

People with a predominant Fire temperament are into passion, performance, freedom from hindrance, and making a splash.
People with a predominant Earth temperament are into duty, responsibility, stability, and social identity.
People with a predominant Water temperament are into people, empathetic relationships, causes, and promoting the greater good.
People with a predominant Air temperament are into logic, rational thinking, knowledge, and whatever work they hold sacred.
While people have characteristics of all four temperaments in their personalities, everyone has a bigger part of themselves in one of four temperaments


Interesting link.
I Am Def Earth dominate.
I also find it interesting that I Am the only Earth sign in my Fambily....


Damn this is one is very close between Earth and Air for me. I will have to go into deeper thinking of myself to choose just one


i'm def not water.. but the other three is hard.. hmm.. no test for this sorta thing??

just found one.. says i'm air.. which i can see bein true..
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Well you just look at your astrological sign.

Like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are FIRE

which would make me FIRE