Which U.S. Presidential Hopeful Do You Align With?


JA Soca Ambassador
Trump will win hands down, I don't like his social agenda, but, as far as " Making America Great Again', he is the man......now, we the minorities will be force to get on our A game, no hands out !

Who will be an excellent negotiator ?

Who have the Big Talk to call their bluff ?

Who do need to worry about robbing money vs making himself richer ?

Who have the Penthouse Model wife ?

Who got the Swag ?

Who has a proven track record of doing it "big " and getting it done ?

Who doesn't have a political track record with blemishes on it ?

Who insulted a white,female, blue eyes, the pride of white America and still in first place... ?

Who fly around in his own Private jet and talk Big ?

Donald Trump , he will be the next President !