white people DONT like to cook

i have white roomates and all the white people i know either dont know how to cook or RARELY ever cook

where that trait came from

they like to cook wierd stuff like soup in a can, pasta with sauce, bake unseasoned chicken

microwaveable dishes


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I dunno where it came from but my room mates were the same. All the time ready/frozen meals. Apart from my Russian housemate he couldn't get his head around it at all


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Some Southern whites can and do cook...and well.
Them & some Europeans (NOT the English though).

Idk. As I grow older I see much more value in traditional gender roles and gendered skills, and its sad how many people can't cook, can't fix shit, keep a dirty house, etc. American society is a society of overgrown children.


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i had an economics professor years ago that said as the value of women's time increased, it became less worth it to them to cook in individualist societies like the US. And I'm assuming men only somewhat took up the slack. So white people just don't cook "/


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thing is, it's not even an ISSUE for them...white women, and asian women can still get a husband and not know how to cook