"Who Let Da Dawgs Out"- Old or New????


SoCa ADdIcT-nEeD aH fIx
If you didn't know, this new group called the Baha Men have taken America by storm with there new hit, "Who Let the Dogs Out." Now doesn't this song sound familiar? Like 3 yrs ago familiar! Good Morning America on ABC television had a short segment on the song this morning and not once did they mention it's origin-the Caribbean! I thought it was kinda amusing to see how even baseball teams are now using it as a slogan: "Who let the Mets out!!!! Woof ! Woof !........." The group will be performing tomorrow on ABC Good Morning America between 7-9am so if anyone can, watch and see how the pre- or post-interview goes. I know I'll be watching to see what they have to say about their new success on an old song!!!