Who's responsible for addressing reported posts?

OverLord Strum

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oh you serious

remember you had a problem with me for a long time
it even lead to me being banned for going into threads and "fukkin it up"

when you used to make your hotgirl threads with NOTHING BUT light skin pretty hair gal and when black gal in a dem dem look like stripper

and me would go inthese threads and say "so you cant find some black woman who not naked" and why evrybody voting the "pretty" women as being those who indian or very light

and you were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad

you even stoppped making those threads
You know how long it use to take to make those threads? I stopped making those threads because it took up ENTIRELY too much time...almost 2 hours to search and post pics.

You had nothing to do with me stop making those threads...and I had nothing to do with you being banned the first time. You are having delusions of grandeur to pivot away from valid points I am making.

But...be good man. Take care.

Juan Dan

we can continue this another time sir
blessed love to all nice and decent people