Why do we need God and people as well???


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I understand that the Bible scriptures tells us that you shouldn't put confidence in flesh and he is a jealous God and he would have no other god before thee, but why do we find ourselves going to God and people at the same time? That we get beside ourselves and being co-dependent on people for advice, opinions, feelings, friendship, and love, etc. everytime we get upset at someone because they have did us wrong, don't listen to us, and backstabbed us instead of going to God for answers without shutting away from people and society because the people hurt your feelings and you want to isolate yourself from people and refuse to deal with them anymore. Becoming a hermit as my family calls it. I don't get why it's like that?! I also too fall into that catergory because I'm a young black Christian man in my late 20s living in Augusta, GA but originally from Newark, NJ

Juan Dan

you sound a bit like my brother....

first know who your "god" is and HOW FAR you are willing to live by that gods particular words and commandments
or if you will be just another go to church like everybody and on your way to hell

second thing is choosing if you wanna be a part of the collective
or if you can

third is to study men/women of history like yourself

how did they live how did they deal with people

you will realise that some of the "best" became hermits

even so called jesus himself went away from the disciples to pray and asked god to keel him (read it very carefully)

yet yes since a child I read a story of some "hermit" locked away with all his gold (god with a L)
I said "hermits appear a bit cool"
words and definitions


where de crix
some gods betray man and some men betray gods, either way you should not be bothered if got betrayed, unless it happens regularly, then the problem is you.


people use religion as their coping mechanism... it's easier to deal with things that appear to come from some "divine" source rather than accept that these events transpire as a result of your machinations or lack thereof.... its easier to say .. god didnt send rain so the crop failed rather than say well we didnt have water on reserve so the crop failed...


I have a hard time living my life according to a book of fables composed by some men who supposedly went to the best universities. In fact it's one of the most violent and sexist books ever written.