Why is Bullying a Big Issue Now Ever Since Gay Kids Have Committed Suicide


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while i agree kids need better social skills today, it does not mean attention needs to be diverted away from bullying and efforts to stop it need to cease... Just because its something that has always been occuring does not mean it needs to continue.

I agree and think I said it needs addressing... I don't think it should continue or be dissmissed..... again, I think its worse so definitiely needs addressiing

Juan Dan

Most people bully as part of a crowd or clique - pick on somone "perceived" as weaker..... don't get it twisted that I was big bully - i just remember being part of crowd at certain time tht did things to people i would not now do....

I can think of situuations too where an older kid in the school yard bullied me -
there is a psychology to the bully/s
to really see the effects
imagine ten people jumping on and beating up on person
bullying the same if not worst, wounds heal
to many as indicated in this tred, bullying can cause sewiside
in effect though there is a member that was bullied a bit few months ago and then he left and came back saying he was having bad thoughts....
I just came in here to write that the "just da net" people were most likely bullies
bless up


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so some a unno would rather dream and prepare for an idealistic bully-free world instead of arm yourself with the coping skills for the current realistic world that is full of bullies?

hmmmm alright, i guess Lala Land is always better than the real world
I don't think anyone is saying that at all. There are strict penalties for mugging someone yet we teach our kids not to walk down the street flashing money and to keep their wallet secure. Arm the kids w/ coping skills yes, but put the spotlight on the problem and treat it.