Why is Haitian/French music so loving and romantic while Anglo Caribbean


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I kinda dig this song.
RIP Edith. They used to play this video all the time in Haiti.

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Actually, this is an interesting question.

I used to date a Haitian guy who took me to Haitian parties and I noticed the same thing. I was already familiar (to an extent) with the music but I was surprised how different the dancing was. I have been to tons of Jamaican parties, Vincentian parties and Trinidadian parties and they were all kind of the same. But the Haitian party to me was more "European" or "American". More people dancing in couples. Waltz type hand-holding. There was some wining and some girls dancing alone off to the side but it was less common.

What I remember most is that they guy used to suggest that we sit so that I can rest after every few songs and I used to sit because I wanted him to think I was "delicate" :tongue:but I can dance for hours to fast soca so there was no reason for me rest after that slow stuff. LOL.
Yup that's Haitian parties for you. Bal style.