why opti got banned.?


Imix Bad Man
no wonder why this place so wack now... sheesh..

its only opti & VP post i like reading.... now opti ain't here ain't shit for me to read... i rarely put imix in my browser now


Dragon Singh
I hate when dumb people run their mouth about shit they don’t know . opti asked to terminate his/her account and I refused because I know some DUMB cunny would post why is opti banned and other clowns would join in asking why

Jason kiDD

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There are a few others also!! Funny they dont realize they missing till months after.. :acute:
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Juan Dan

apparently he was in love with a certain himix vixen and then started hating her and saying a lotta wild shit to her
it was the beginning of the end
big up all voodoopumpum


Peace Love n Pretty Tings
I will give Opti credit for just leaving instead of making some dumbass thread announcing he is leaving before....you know...leaving.