Willow Smith’s Open Letter To Tupac

Riley Escobar


Remember the spring Tupac Coachella Hologram Performance that gave everyone chills even bringing up the infamous ‘Makaveli Conspiracy Theories’?

Well, 11-year old Willow Smith has shared with us an open letter she wrote to Mr. Shakur years ago stating she still believes her favorite rapper is still alive and pleads for his return. Pretty deep considering Willow had been born 4 years after the legendary emcee’s passing and she brought up the friendship he shared with her mother.

We wonder how her father Will Smith feels about the letter, as both he and Tupac had ill feelings about each other over Jada Pinkett, even leading to an altercation in ’95.

Whip your hair back and forth to this, Fresh Prince.

Willow Smith’s Open Letter To Tupac | OnSMASH


Get your passport & come !
oh word.. there was altercation between will and jada
whatever her thing was with Tupac is why she was in the Temptations video when he was in prison and everyone came out and made the video for him to give him backitive...

Lots of guys were making jokes that she was thinking of him when moving like that in the video.

(I only remember this cause it has to be one of my favourite Tupac songs...of all time...)