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Lol. LR I quoted mysel that was in response to you.... In a previous other post you did specify the black community has no snitches....

And I will say well camera becomes even more effective in no snitches environment ....

People are being busted left and right off of video ... And it's like self snitching


in a previous other post, in a previous OTHER THREAD.. so stick to what's in here if you're going to defend something i said here..

as for that rapist.. i posted that in the other thread.. honestly me eh care what catch him yes.. once that sicko is off the street.. i would not have gotten lured in as i do not smoke but other people may have...


where de crix
Are u serious .? U can't be

So black victims of crimes should only expect justice or the police to intervene when it's committed from a non black person .? Wdmc is dat. I See with my eyes

U confirmed what I initially said about u finding excuse for the police

I am for finding solutions and working to prevent crime but ALL citizens shuld expect justice and protection lregardless of their race and the criminal race
silly man. justice is a post action after the crime has occurred.

The issue is why does the crime happen in the FIRST place. More cameras, larger rewards for turning in criminals etc, that is all good in the hood.

Do you think left to our own devices that humans return to a primal state, where might is what matters, or we work together

Juan Dan

lucianite stay typing a buncha NOTHING
never have a point
always wanna blame the system


claim to be a married successful decent blackman

one would think that fukka in da streetz hustling etc and encountering negative palice constantly

in any case oneshot asked an EXCELLENT question

I read it yesterday and will have to find it
was so excellent
something about the projects

Juan Dan

a lot of posters on imix have never walked through the projects, go to the bodega papi or mohammed has bullet proof glass, and 4 or 5 security cameras, and that gun he not supposed to have. walk to the courtyard cameras, enter the elevator cameras.

and guess still what happens.
post of the damn year for these fake hoodsters