you getting lock up for being a homo in Uganda!


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
So in other words, you have no interest in whether the information is true or not?

Is that the end point of what you're saying?

You don't care about truth, or facts, or validity, but because you agree with the information, that's all that matters?
You are a little slow but you finally got there. :good:

Btw, did you penny the rest of my post and my points about the old Anti-Gay laws in Uganda first introduced by the British being basically the same as these new laws that were proposed, passed and signed?

Also what makes me respect their decision even more is that near the end of the video on the signing of the new bill that I posted, their President said that nothing was set in stone and if he receives solid new scientific evidence to prove that folks can be born 100% gay without a majority percentage influence of environmental nurturing factors then he will be willing to review the new Anti-Gay bill that he signed into law for Uganda.