You Think Nicki Minaj Likes The Music She Makes?


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In the main, but most artistes compromise on their first two or three albums.
The more important question is, in my opinion, is it good music?
I think it is.


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if its making me the dollas i need i'd love my music too

shit music buy me a 14milli house i'd fckin sell out too even if i became a 1 hit wonder
jus build your own studio and record the shit you care about in there or sell the songs to some other artsit

GMB is the motto


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i think she do think her shit sound good..

I used to wonder the same thing about a lot of rappers though.
nowadays rap game aint about the best its about the most persistent person to grind their way onto the charts... thats where the respect comes from these days not the lyrics just the ability to get in the game and bank some $$. It ain easy to get in, stay there and actually keep some $ after the rec company rapes you.