The Blazing Sun!

If you have spent time in Jamaica recently, then you are well aware of the sweltering heat that the island is suffering from the blazing sun. The vitamin D that the sun rays supplies is essential for our survival, but, these days the heat from the sun just seems to be ten times hotter than it usually is. And it’s becoming unbearable.

Walking on the street in Jamaica can be likened to walking in a large oven. It’s like one is being sandwiched by the heat from the sun. You feel the sweltering heat on your face and then you feel the heat that is coming up from the pavement beneath you. It’s like the rays of the sun are being reflected off the pavement, so if you are outside,  it would be a very sad day, because you cannot escape the heat. Fans are being bought daily, and air conditioning units are being sought and bought in an attempt to get some cool air while inside a building.

To make matters worse, there’s a continuing drought on the island, so there’s a shortage of water and the heat is almost unbearable. Some places are suffering from a reduction in their water supply. The National Water Commission (NWC) has to be reducing the water supply to various areas along with issuing out warning that people must try to conserve as much water as possible and only use the precious commodity for the essentials. There’s also a projection that the drought and lack of rainfall might continue throughout the remainder of the year.

Notwithstanding, Jamaica appears to be one of many countries that are feeling the brute force of the sun. Global warming is in full swing and the results are devastating. People are constantly complaining about the heat from the sun, as for rain, the island hasn’t seen a significant down pour in months. The most that some fortunate parishes might experience is a drizzle.

During the day, the sun seems to be shining in full force, while in the night time the heat still remains. The heat is not as sweltering as it is during the day, but it is a lot hotter than would make one comfortable.

How hot is your country? Does it sound like what is currently being faced by Jamaicans living in Jamaica?

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