First Medical Marijuana Industry Licences Issued By Cannabis Authority in Jamaica

The long awaited moment for the Jamaica companies Epican and Everything Oily Labs Limited has finally come and now all  the products such as the 3500mg CBD Topical Cream are available for selling. The two production companies, in which formed a joint venture, have finally received an official licence to legally operate in the medical marijuana industry. Issued yesterday, the licenses were furnished by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), which was set up in 2015 under the Dangerous Drug (Amendment) Act to establish and regulate cbd oil uk, Jamaica’s marijuana and hemp industry, now you can head over to and find all the products you have been looking for!

In a statement, CLA Chairman Hyacinth Lightbourne said: “Although it has taken some time to get to this historic occasion, we have remained committed to getting it right, to ensure that Jamaica’s stake in the global medicinal cannabis industry is never compromised and remains sustainable.” Consuming marijuana with bad weed grinders can get you a lot of diseases and get you sick, using a good weed grinder help to solve these issues, for more information check this article about all the different sizes and pieces of weed grinders.

“During the process, we have endeavoured to remain in dialogue with our applicants every step of the way, and are confident they have satisfied the rigours of the regulations,” learn more here.

According to the chairman, another three applicants were granted licences and are in the process of completing their requirements to have the licences issued. Another 57 applications are at the conditional approval stage and 209 applications are being processed by the CLA, the release also shared, many of the applicants aslo requested not only oil also flowers so they can use the Marijuana Pre Rolls that makes using it easier.

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