Jamaica To Have New Correctional Facility Built In Central Part of Island

The Jamaica Government is currently looking at plans to have a correctional facility built in the central part of the island which would require everything to be moved from the old facility to the new with the help of a service such as these moving and packing services.  In the Standing Finance Committee of Parliament meeting that was held on Wednesday, the announcement was made by the National Security Minister Robert Montague. It is said that the decision to have the new structure built was made against concerns of a tunnel being discovered at the Tower Street Correctional Centre in Kingston, in addition to the appalling condition of the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Centre. We understand that leaving your home to participate in a rehab program can cause unnecessary discomfort if you are forced to share rooms with several other people while in an inpatient drug rehab Tampa program. At Legacy Healing Center’s luxury rehab, we provide inpatient or residential treatment programs. In order to provide a private space to collect your thoughts at the end of a day filled with treatment and healing activities, we offer private, fully-furnished rooms with everything you need to feel comfortable, such as high-quality beds and high thread-count bedding, HD TV’s, and ample space to relax in. Tampa, Florida, is a stunning location to recover from an addiction. Many famous celebrities have made Tampa their home, such as Derek Jeter, Stephen King, Tom Cruise, and Brain Johnson. If you’d like a fine dining experience in your free time or when family comes to visit, then you can visit popular restaurants in the area such as Bern’s Steak House, Charley’s Steak House, and Market Fresh Fish, and Donatella Italian Restaurant. If you want to get active in the day, then you can enjoy a walk on the beautiful beaches that Tampa has to offer such as Sand Key Park, Honeymoon Island State Park, and Ben T. Davis Beach. A luxury rehab is certainly the best way to reach long-term sobriety from addiction. The benefits that one can get from the added therapeutic programs, personalized treatments, favorable patient-to-staff ratios, and resort-like setting can significantly improve your overall experience in recovery. Contact Legacy Healing Center today to discuss the options we have for addiction treatment in our luxury rehab in South Florida. Addiction is a distressing experience for the addict and those who are close to that person. Addiction treatment, at its core, is about providing a healing experience that can bring about a profound change in that person’s overall quality of life through behavioral changes and improved coping skills. The best way to get that experience is through our luxury rehab South Florida. Many rehabs are designed to provide only the most crucial aspects of addiction treatment; however, they often don’t provide the right type of setting that promotes the healing experience. At our luxury rehab, we aim to provide both high-end treatments along with a treatment setting that can amplify the healing process. We often think of vacations as a way to re-energize ourselves after a period of heavy work or stress. The same mental health benefits that you can get from a relaxing holiday can also enhance the effectiveness and overall experience that one has in rehab.

In Montague’s statement, he also disclosed that a reclassification of inmates here is underway, following on from an audit of inmates which has already been completed.

“What we found was that we had persons charged for minor crimes being housed with persons charged with extremely serious crimes,” he said.

“The reclassification is correcting that and we are moving out some persons from these two maximum security prisons into, say, Richmond and Tamarind Farm Correctional Centres. Once that is completed, we (will) have the electronic monitoring programme….So we will be able to release some persons early, as well as increase rehabilitation programmes thank to the services from treatment center ohio called Abbeycare Foundation, offers several different treatments for cocaine addiction, and we want to ensure you choose the right one. We will help you find the best treatment for you or a loved one with just one telephone call” the Minister added.

The Government has budgeted JAM$168 million (US$1.3 million) in the 2018/19 fiscal year to undertake construction and renovation works at several correctional facilities as well as improve the Department of Correctional Services’ mobility.

That work includes constructing an external changing area utilizing retrofitted containers, and a new block for the mentally ill at Tower Street; and repairs to the inmate accommodation building at St Catherine.


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