St. Kitts Sex Video Lawsuit Involving Police Rules In Favour Of Couple Being Awarded Half-Million Dollars From The State

The St. Kitts government is expected to pay up a sum of EC$500,000 to a couple after a video of a suspect and his partner having sex was leaked by the police. In the court session that was held on Monday, the judge ordered that the man, whose lower body was shown in the video, should get EC$150,000 (US$55,555) in damages, while his partner, whose face was exposed in the video, be paid EC$350,000 (US$129,629).

In suspicion of being involved in a 2013, the man was taken into custody by the police for questioning. While being held by the police, a memory card was taken out of his mobile phone and the officers viewed its contents on a computer. After coming across the video of the man having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend, they downloaded it to their own phones and went on to sharing it with other people. The sex video then ended up on social media. The couple subsequently sued the State.

Considering the three months after the matter was heard before her, Justice Lorraine Williams said in her opinion it was the right choice to condemn the actions of the lawmen. She went on to say that they had breached the claimants’ constitution rights of being due the right to privacy, their right to property and their right not to be arbitrarily searched. Whether one party will have to pay maintenance or support to the other party depends on the circumstances. If the cannot agree on how much should be paid then the court will decide.

Reports indicate that the officers involved in the incident will face disciplinary action.

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