Usain Bolt Launches Autobiography – Faster Than Lightning

The Autobiography of Usain Bolt – “Faster than Lightning” is available as of today. My story in my own words is how Bolt describes his latest project in a line of many off the track activities he is a part of.

In 2010, Bolt published “My Story: 9.58: Being The World’s Fastest Man.” Then in 2011 Mike Rowbottom wrote a book on the athlete entitled,  “Fast As Lightning.” It is only fitting that the third book is titled “Faster Than Lightning” It shows the progress of the athlete and we hear you will not be disappointed with the content.

Usain Bolt is not known to  shy away from business ventures. In fact he embraces them and recognizes that preparation for life after track and field should not begin when he is out of the sport but while he is in the prime of his life. He is known for the establishment of the restaurant, Tracks and Records and there are talks of him starring in a Samuel Jackson movie quite soon.

If you need to buy a copy of the book written by the legendary athlete. Do not hesitate click the link to Buy Faster than Lightning: My Autobiography

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