Welcome to Energy Vol.1 by Kastro

Track list

Track list

1. We no speak Americano Yolanda be Cool
2. Gal bounce Busy Signal
3. Don Omar Danza Kuduro
4. Bicycle Burning Flames
5. Crank the motor - Krosfyah
6. Wuk fast Better Band
7. Get mad Machel Montano
8. Down on the carpet Pantha Vibes International
9. Toss up Better Band
10. Masaca Better Band Movements
11. Extra Material Pantha Vibes International
12. Yamaha Pumpa
13. Meet Super Blue Fayanne Lyons
14. King road Madzart
15. Duracell Skinny Fabulous
16. Consider it done Fayanne lyons
17. Get out de way Busy Signal
18. Welcome me back Destra Garcia
19. Illegal Machel Montano HD
20. Advantage Machel Montano HD
21. Doh drag flag Shall Marshall

Welcome to Energy Vol.1

by Kastro

A DJ mix dedicated to the Gym enthuses or those just working out. It takes you from the step warm up to a complete sweat out and burn.

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