Welcome to Fully Loaded Inc : The Mixtape by Fully Loaded Inc

Track list

1. All you the Ladies - Precise Ft. Sychotik
2. Body So Sick - Vizions
3. Dj's Turn it Up - Precise
4. Exile Auto Club - Hypnotix Ft. Precise
5. Freestyle Mission - LBF Ft. Sychotik
6. Fully Loaded Inc Anthem -Various
7. Ganja Ting - Sychotik
8. Girlfriend - Hypnotix
9. Gt Ting - Sparkles
10. Murderer - Hypnotix Ft. Vizions
11. My Hood - Precise Ft. Vizions
12. Nuh Batty Bwoy - Hypnotix
13. You Like It - Sychotik FtrHypnotix
14. You Like It Remix Sychotik Vs Ms. Xzotik

Welcome to Fully Loaded Inc : The Mixtape

by Fully Loaded Inc

The FIRST of many mixtape's by Fully Loaded Inc, Features, Hypnotix, Precise, Sychotik, Vizions, Ms. X, Sparklez LBF and More!

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