Welcome to Seeking The Truth by eXile di brave

Track list

1. Seeking The Truth Intro
2. Another World
3. Wake The Town
4. I'm Coming Up
5. Everything Wrong
6. What You Want Do
7. Deejay of Dancehall Interlude
8. Muzikally Motivated
9. Grind Mode
10. We Want It
11. Bawl N Bawl
12. One Gyal To Mi Bed
13. Letter From A Hustler
14. Hustle Harder
15. Dancehall Vibez
16. Love Killer
17. Saddest Song
18. Nah Guh Complain
19. Snapbacks (BONUS

Welcome to Seeking The Truth

by eXile di brave

Hard hitting Dancehall tracks for a Variety of listeners

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