Welcome to The Re-Mix-Tape by eXile di brave

Track list

01 Icebreaker
02 The Re-Mix intro
03 6 foot 7 foot (remix)
05 The Dream remiXx ft. Pop Caan
07 Ambitionz az a Ridah 2011 ft. Kash tha Munsta
09 Fast Car (Top Speed) ft. Jodee
10 FeDd Up (anytime) ft. bounty killa
11 Way You Lie remix
12 Hard In The Paint Remix
13 J.O.E (R.I.P)
14 Kush RemiXx
15 My Generation X ft. chillz, Blu Steel & Kash da Munsta
16 I am That I am
17 All Of Me G-mix

Welcome to The Re-Mix-Tape

by eXile di brave

this mixtape is packed with compilation of songs, that exile di brave sought after when he needed to become a fan of music. it got songs of all genres, but mainly dancehall. it is a keeper and well constructed...

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