Welcome to Time To Wine Soca Algorithm by Barnabus

Track list

1. Big Drew Trini Mafia Intro
2. Trini Mafia Intro
3. Feeling Nice TM Dub
4. Party done
5. Nuttin Under
6. Head Nice
7. Trini Mafia Leave Dem
8. Look how she leave me TM Dub
9. Cool Down
10. Your Love
11. Flashing Lights
12. Give Him
13. No Boring Gyal
14. Created For Carnival
15. Its Your Wine
16. Wotless
17. Coming Again
18. Cya Come
19. No Rum Again
20. Whie Oak and Water
21. Ah Should of Never
22. Town Ting
23. Good Time
24. Carnival Jumbie
25. This Time
26. Speaker Boxx
27. Moto Bike
28. Trini
29. QP Quartz Trini Mafia Gone Madd
30. Bend Over
31. Bon Bon Machel Mix
32. Danza Kuduro
33. Ah Ting
34. Touch D Road
35. Big Blood
36. Dance and Dingolay
37. Tanty Woi
38. Sweetness
39. Spin Class
40. Wine to the Side
41. Where You From
42. AOA
43. Doh drag d flag
44. Come to meh
45. Illegal
46. Advantage
47. Outro

Welcome to Time To Wine Soca Algorithm

by Barnabus

Trini Mafia (Barnabus, Ravi Rav, Larryhoe, Jus Bodie) presents Time To Wine Soca Algorithm with Barnabus mixing 2011 hottest Soca and Chutney Soca tracks. Be on the lookout for Trini Mafia's annual Miami Carnival Soca Itinerary CD with the hottest soca music and fete listings.

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