Welcome to Violins by Na Style Jaa

Track list

1- Open Curtains (intro)
2- Earthquakes
3- Cops Vs. Lumberjacks and Animals
4- Violins
5- Knights of the Casino
6- Vietnam's the Bomb
7- The Big D
8- Call Me Jesse Owens
9- 8th Grade Dance Party (dirty)
10- Danny Boy, You've Done It Again!

Welcome to Violins

by Na Style Jaa

: Like History? But why is it so boring? Like Rap? But where's the historical content? "Violins" is a walk in the park for hip hop. A violent walk in a violent park. From the legendary "Cops vs. Lumberjacks and Animals" war to Vietnam and the crazy coke-fueled 80s, Na Style Jaa documents the many staples of modern American history. Na Style Jaa stays true to their Storycore roots, clearly defining their role in rap music as story tellers. Spirit Records 2011 All beats, concepts, and lyrics by Na Style Jaa http://nastyrapmusic.com

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