Welcome to CHARLY BLACK Im A Trelawny Citizen by Easy Peasy Sound & DJ Unique

Track list

2.Times Like These
3.Rich Dis Year
4.Good Friend
5.Traitor Dem
6.None A Dem
7.We Nuh Beg Fren
8.Me Nuh Fraid
9.Too Blessed
10.Badmind Ago Kill Dem Interlude
11.Badmind Ago Kill Dem
12.Par With Girl
13.Badman Nuh Bleach
15.Nuh Live Nowhere
16.Love Talk
17.Nuh Gal Cah Run Mi Head
18.Anyweh We Deh (ft. Trelawny Citizens)
19.Party We Seh (ft. Trelawny Citizens)
20.Bubble Again (A Dat Mi Seh)
21.Sweetest Fuck
22.Bubbling Party
23.Cool And Deadly Whine
24.Best Best Bubbler
25.Cock Up
26.Weldin (ft. Quick Cook)
27.Force It Up
28.Dig Out Yo Pum Pum
29.Me Me Me Like
30.Frey Frey
31.Inna Di Car
32.Gimme Some
33.Wet Up Wet Up
35.Buddy Buddy
36.Appreciation Interlude
37.Over And Over
38.Job To Pray
40.Five O-Clock (Remix) [Bonus]
41.Fall In Love Again [Bonus]
42.Highgrade [Bonus]

Welcome to CHARLY BLACK Im A Trelawny Citizen

by Easy Peasy Sound & DJ Unique

it madd.... (zionchild)

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