Welcome to teamFLO - Bruck it Down Volume 1 by Massiv Flo Sound Crew

Track list

BYW Sound Crew
1.Intro - Vee
2.5’oclock In the Morning - BYWREMIX
3.Goodnight - BYWREMIX
4.All of a Sudden - BYWREMIX
5.Wine Pon d Ting - BYWREMIX
6.Treat your Body Right - BYWREMIX
7.Rum & Redbull - BYWREMIX
8.Missing you - BYWREMIX
9.Comfort Zone - BYWREMIX
10.Everyone Falls In Love - BYWREMIX
11.Limb By Limb - BYWREMIX
12. Hold Yuh - BYWREMIX
13. Wine On me - BYWREMIX
14. Wine it on me - BYWREMIX
15.I Love My Life -BYWREMIX
16.So What - BYWREMIX

Massiv Flo Sound Crew
18.Bruck It Down - Mr.Vegas
19.Half On A Baby (MassivFloRemix)
20.Caribbean Jab (MassivFloRemix)
21.Work Out - J.Cole
22.Work Out - (MassivFloRemix)
23.Love Is Wicked ((MassivFloRemix)
24.Standing There - Sean Paul
25.Bad Gal - Konshens
26.Honey Girl - Mr.Vegas
27.Ground Zero Riddim Intro
28.Good Gyal Wah Bad - Aidonia
29.Bad Mind Ago Fall - Jah Vinci
30.Massiv Flo Don’t Play #2 - Terror Fabolous Dub (MassivFloRemix)
31.Champion (MassivFloRemix)
32.You Just Get Shot (MassivFloRemix)
33.teamFLO shoutout - Vee
34.Deadly Zone/ - Bounty Killer
35.Informer - Wayne Wonder
36.Eagles Cry - TOK
37.Limb By Limb (MassivFloRemix)
38.Best Of Me - Jay Z & Maya
39.Best Of Me (MassivFloRemix)
40.Hold Yuh Tonight
41.Doin It - LL Cool J
42.Vitamin S (MassivFloRemix)
43.Infilitrate (MassivFloRemix)
44.Flava In Ya Ear - Notorious BIG
45.Hypnotize - Notorious BIG
46.Ninja Bike (MassivFloRemix)
47.Love Tonight - Jah VInci
48.Body Calling - Shaddai
49.6:30 - Aidonia
50.**** Song (MassivFloRemix)
51.Wine Slow (MassivFloRemix)
52.Shout Outs - Vee
53.Give me a Try (MassivFloRemix)
54.That Way - Wale
55.Lotus Flower Bomb - Wale
56.You The Boss - Rick Ross
57.Crew Love - The Weeknd
58.Crew Love In The Zone (MassivFloRemix)
59.Dont Let Me Get In My Zone ( Niggas In Paris )
60.Send Fi Mi Army - Vybez Kartel Dub (MassivFloRemix)
61.Niggas In Paris - Jay Z & Kanye
62. Underground Kings - Drake
63. Outro

Welcome to teamFLO - Bruck it Down Volume 1

by Massiv Flo Sound Crew

A HOT one of a kind Mix & Remix Of New & Classic Dancehall & Hip Hop By Massiv Flo Sound Crew & Bruck Yuh Waist Sound Crew

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