Welcome to The Bristol Reggae Explosion by DJ Rasfimillia

Track list

1) Bristol Rock
By Black Roots

2) Stick It Up
By Joshua Moses

3) Rise Up
By Joshua Moses

4) Playhouse
By Cool Runnings

5) Tribal War
By Black Roots

6) Takin- The Strain
By Talisman

7) Twelve Tribes
By The Zion Band

8) Jah Praises
By Revelation Rockers

9) Robin Hoods Of The Ghetto
By Cool Runnings

10) Pain (Dub)
By Alfred Mcintosh

11) Re-Action
By Restriction

12) Baby Come Back
By Buggs Durrant

Welcome to The Bristol Reggae Explosion

by DJ Rasfimillia

Dj Rasfimillia presents a nice selection of The Bristol Reggae Explosion (Part 1-3): The music itself reflects the dominance of the Roots style in Bristol, even today Roots is by far the most popular type of Reggae in both the retail and live scenes locally, Black Roots live up to their name and show why they were the equal of any UK Reggae band in their day, Talisman, Joshua Moses, Restriction and 3D Production follow in their Roots footsteps. This release will shine the spotlight on a long neglected corner of the UK Reggae scene and Bristol’s musical heritage, the same music that would help underpin Bristol’s musical dominance in the following decade.

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