Welcome to Vybz Up by Vybz Kartel

Track list

1.Mi Can't Believe
4.Know Bout me
5.Anything A Anything
6.Not a Love song
7.Thank You Jah
8.Dollar sign
9.Dancehall Hero
10.Give away the Pum pum
11.We Never Fear dem
12.Never Scared
13.Real Badman
15.Bobby Konders Interlude
16.Ghetto Road
17.Get Gal Easy
18.Put it on Hard
19.Vybz Kartel - Summertime
20.Love You Ennuh
21.Party Mi Say
22.Me a Pree
23.Clarks [
24.Clarks agin
25.Straight jean & Fitted
26.Cake Soap
27.So Much Woman
28.Come Ya nuh Gal
29.Bike Back
30.Wine Fi Me
32.Rampin shop
33.Warn him
34.CHeat Pon him
35.Dweet we a Dweet
36.Lip Gloss
37.Gwaan so
38.Tun up Di F
39.Tight Pu Y Gal
40.Slow Motion
41.Freaky Gal
42.Till My LIfe Over
43.Mi Beat di Pu y up
44.Grab up Ya Crotches
46.Beg yuh a Fu
47.That Sweet Yuh ( Dumpa Truck)
48.Come Breed me
49.Vybz Kartel - Benz Punany
50.Turn & Wine
52.Vybz Kartel - Whine (Wine)
53.Sex & City
54.U A Mi Baby
55.Whine Fi Me
56.Gaza Mi Name
57.Do Mi Dat
58.One Man
60.Mr. Officer
61.Pure Love
62.More Than Neo
63.Bubble Hard
64.Pon Di Floor
65.Street Vybz Cup ( Rmx)
66.Birthday Fu
67.What's My Name ( RMX)
68.British Love

Welcome to Vybz Up

by Vybz Kartel

it madd....

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