Welcome to Bashmentology 2013 by Bashment Brothers Intl

Track list

Fete - Konshens (False Teeth Riddim)
When ah Gone - Kerwin Dubois (False Teeth Riddim)
I Ok - Kes (False Teeth Riddim)
Hard Wine - Bunji (False Teeth Riddim)
Oh Lawd Oh - Benjai ft Kernal Roberts
Indian Gyal - Machel ft Drupatee
Fete of D Year - Kerwin Dubois
The Fog - Machel
Call My Name - Destra
Turn Up The Sound - Nessa Preppy
Girls Want More Iron - Alison Hinds (Islandmas Riddim)
Pushing It - Edwin Yearwood (Islandmas Riddim)
No Getaway - Blaxx (Islandmas Riddim)
We Doing Dis Owa - Faye-Ann (Islandmas Riddim)
I Never Wine - Chucky
Somebody Woman- KI
Stranger- Farmer Nappy
Wine Back- K. Rich
Fancy Thong- Swappi (Stag Riddim)
Touchless- Bunji Garlin (Stag Riddim)
Bring It To Meh- Kes (Stag Riddim)
Differentology- Bunji Garlin
Changes- Bunji Garlin (Phantom Riddim)
Tobago Love- Shurwayne Winchester (Phantom Riddim)
Manager- Nadia Batson (Phantom Riddim)
Whining Queen- Denise Belfon (Project 5)
Permission Granted- Patrice Roberts (Project 5)
Life of the Party- Machel (Project 5)
Feter- Bunji Garlin (Project 5)
Partier- 5 Star Akil
Drunk- Farmer Nappy (Bashment Brothers Percussion Refix)
Drinking Rum- Machel Montano (Bashment Brothers Percussion Refix)
Wettin- Kerwin DuBois (Bashment Brothers Percussion Refix)
She Ready- Machel Montano (Bashment Brothers Percussion Refix)
Thief Ah Wine- Kes (Bashment Brothers Percussion Refix)
Whistle and Horn- Cassi (Soca Future Riddim)
To De Future- Bunji (Soca Future Riddim)
Leh Go- Blaxx (Soca Future Riddim)
Prescription- Ravi B.
Whole day- Devon Matthews & Sean Caruth
Sube Las manos Pa Arriba- Pitbull ft. Papayo
Brace Pon It- Vegas (Moombahton Riddim)
Leh We Go- Skinny Fab (Moombahton Riddim)
Socializing- Kes (Moombahton Riddim)
Over Yuh Head- Bunji (Moombahton Riddim)
No Lie- MMHD vs MMP
Wassiness- Destra (Single Barrel Riddim)
Rum & Soca- Kes (Single Barrel Riddim)
Hold Meh Liquor- Blaxx (Single Barrel Riddim)
A Little Wine- Patrice Roberts (Spanish Fly Riddim)
Life of the Party- Problem Child (Spanish Fly Riddim)
Backazz- Kevin DuBois (Caveman Riddim)
Wasteline Energy- Lil Rick (Caveman Riddim)
Doh Mind- Machel (Caveman Riddim)
Cyah Bother We- Lil Rick ft.Benjai (Caveman Riddim)
Savage- Bunji Garlin

Welcome to Bashmentology 2013

by Bashment Brothers Intl

The Bashment Brothers Intl bring you our offering for Carnival 2013

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