Welcome to INSTAFETE by Dlement

Track list

1.Keep it Moving-Swappi 4D ft.Kyron Leslie
2.Formula-Fay-ann Lyons
3.Doh test me-Erphaan Alves
4.Rip D Runway-Destra Garcia
5.Start it up- Devon Matthews
7.Taking Everything-Denise Belfon
8.Bad like me-Bunji Garlin ft.Tallpree
10.Witch Doctor-Machel Montano
11.Back Road-Swappi 4D
12.Fantastic Friday-Super Blue
13.We Control the Road-Shurwanye Winchester
14.Cha-Os-Swappi 4D
15.Pull the party down-Buffy
16.Hardest wine-Sina Wayne
17.Ah Going-Shiva Lakhan
18.No Lokani-Prophet Benjamin
19.Big band-Crazy
20.The Lunatic-Prophet Benjamin
21.De Stage open-Fay-ann
22.Bare Wine-Swappi 4D
23.Come Down-Erphaan Alves
24.Treasure-Rayza Jungle
25.Let she Be she-Mr.Renzo
27.Wassyness-Destra Garcia
28.Fete Hard-Nebula868
29.Rum and Soca-kes the Band
30.Hold meh Liquor-Blaxx
31.To the Future-Bunji Garlin
32.Over Yuh Head-Bunji Garlin
33.B.I.G- Granty
34.Brutal-Mx Prime
35.Leh we go-Skinny fabulous
36.Brace pon it-Mr.Vegas
38.Waistline-lil Rick
39.Backazz-Kerwin Du Bois
40.Doh mind-Machel Montano
41.Cyan bother we-Lil Rick ft.Benjai
43.Panty & Bra-DJ HP
44. A Cut-Invader
45.Salt Fish-Kakal
46.J-ouvert Morning-Teddyson John
47.Dlement-Party tun
59.We Doin this Owah-Fay-Ann Lyons
60.Minglin-farmer Nappy

Welcome to INSTAFETE

by Dlement

Inspired by one of the most popular apps out there right now in social media, Instagram, this Carnival 2013 Soca mix by Dlement, INSTAFETE is a combination of the past, present and future sounds. Like Instagram, modern photos are then filtered to give a vintage touch; Instafete features songs from Carnival 2013 connecting the modern evolution of Soca, allowing the vintage beats from the past to make the hairs on the back of yuh neck raise with memorable feelings of fetes past. Checkout http://dlement.blogspot.com

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