Welcome to Neo Soca Volume 2 by DJ DannyD

Track list

1. The General - Skinny Fabulous (Oil Stain Riddim)
2. Riot - Problem Child (Oil Stain Riddim)
3. Wrenk - Lavaman (Oil Stain Riddim)
4. Becka - Teddyson John (Emergency Riddim)
5. Mash Up - Destra (Emergency Riddim)
6. Mash It Up - Patrice Roberts & Tallpree
7. Di Most Unruly - Nadia Batson & Lavaman
8. Hurricane Skinny - Skinny Fabulous
9. Roll It - Mikey & Blood
10. Rolly Polly - Mr Killa
11. Vikings Coming - Bunji Garlin
12. At Wuk - Lavaman
13. Possessed (Neo Soca Mix) - Kerwin Du Bois & Machel Montano
14. Canvas (Neo Soca Mix) - Triniboi Joocie
15. Bare Wine (Jus Now Remix) - Swappi
16. Call My Name (Defix) - Destra
17. One Drop - Major Lazer
18. Carnival Tabanca (Neo Soca Mix) - Bunji Garlin
19. Tun Up (Jus Now Remix) - Bunji Garlin
20. Differentology (Razorshop Epic Vibe Road Mix) - Bunji Garlin
21. Differentology (Defix/ Neo Soca Dub) - Bunji Garlin
22. Conquer Meh - Lyrical
23. Just a little bit - Destra
24. Little Wine (Neo Soca Mix) - Patrice Roberts
25. HMA (Happiest Man Alive) - Machel Montano
26. BTW (Behaving The Worst) - Skinny Fabulous
27. Defence - Skinny Fabulous (Addicted Riddim)
28. Pull Me Over - Patrice Roberts (Addicted Riddim)
29. Bumper Bounce - Erphaan Alves (Addicted Riddim)
30. Bruck It - Machel Montano (Addicted Riddim)
31. Re Up - Konshens (Addicted Riddim)
32. Wild Out - Lil Rick (Addicted Riddim)
33. Kotch De Bumper - Lil Rick (Addicted Riddim)
34. Bacchanalist (Neo Soca Mix) - Kerwin Du Bois
35. Savage (Neo Soca Mix) - Bunji Garlin
36. Eruption (Neo Soca Mix) - Erphaan Alves
37. Blurred Lines (Neo Soca Mix) - Robin Thicke & Pharrell
38. Play De Music - Kes
39. Fight D Felling - Kerwin Du Bois (Old Thing Riddim)
40. Ten To One - Blaxx (Old Thing Riddim)
41. Ya Beggin - Edwin Yearwood (Old Thing Riddim)
42. Shut Ya Mouth - Lil Rick (Old Thing Riddim)
43. Beautiful (Neo Soca Mix) - Triniboi Joocie
44. Jack (Neo Soca Mix) - Breech
45. I Love It (Neo Soca Mix) - Icona Pop
46. No Lie (Neo Soca Mix) - Machel Montano
47. Suit & Tie (Neo Soca Mix) - Justin Timberlake
48. Bam Bam - Olatunji Yearwood
49. Wah Do - Olatunji Yearwood
50. Spread Ya Hands (Defix) - Blaxx
51. Spread Ya Hands (Neo Soca Mix) - Blaxx
52. Monster Winer (Neo Soca Edit) - Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick
53. Your Body Working (Jus Now Remix) - Kes

Welcome to Neo Soca Volume 2

by DJ DannyD

The continuation of Volume 1 that was brought to you by myself (DJ DannyD) back in July. The Neo Soca series was created because I wanted to create a mix cd that was different from others that have previously been released. Starting off as a producer gave me the skill to create ideas that I had in my head. With the help of great people around me; DTee, Trevor Davis, Smokey Joe, RawTroubleHD, just to name a few, it gave me the drive to pursue the ideas and create what is now known as Neo Soca. Massive shout out to Hot96.co.uk, Bang radio and Bakahnalradio.com. Giving a special thanks to Sean Dickson (SD Productions UK) for mastering the mix. Also Reiss-Renè Niles and RawTrouble HD.

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