Welcome to 2019 SOCA SWITCH by DJ JEL

Track list

Swappi & Ultimate Rejects - Party Start
Farmer Nappy x Machel Montano - Day One (Ultra Simmo-Sound Master)
Blaxx - Gyal Owner
Preedy - Lost And Found
Ricardo Drue & Salty - Bend Down
Orlando Octave - Ride Out
Akeem "Lil Saint" Williams - Doh Back Back
Nadia Batson - Shake Down
Voice & David Rudder - Madness
Machel Montano - Come For It
Jean Kick Beat Transition
Machel Montano - Toco Loco
Charly Black - Wine
Konshens - Sexin
Kes The Band - Nah Let Go
Patrice Roberts - You Need It
Patrice Roberts - Into You
Problem Child - Whole Heart
Kerwin Du Bois - No Distraction
Holla Bak - Too Sweet
GBM Nutron - Practice
Nine Mind & Lenkey Records - 4th Quarter Riddim Instrumental
Machel Montano - Jammin
Patrice Roberts - Not One Thing
Konshens - If I Get A Whine
Turner - Two Days
Kes The Band - Radar
Farmer Nappy - Hookin Meh (Nick Intro)
Nadia Batson - So Long
Teddyson John - Vent (Funky Business Cjay Mash Up)
Preedy - Warm Up
LFS Music - Start It
5Star Akil - Personal
Kerwin Dubois - Right For Somebody
Voice - Alive And Well
Kerwin DuBois, Voice, Teddyson John, Lyrikal - Speechless (Nick Intro)
Sekon Sta & Patrice Roberts - My Side (Jean Intro)
Marzville - Wuk
Turner - Treat Meh Nice
Skinny Fabulous - Happy
Motto - One Woman
Patrice Roberts - Good
Machel Montano x Kassav - Dance
Nailah Blackman - Iron Love (Kevin Intro)
Sekon Sta & Trinidad Ghost - Boom
Salty - Work
Nessa Preppy - Issa Snack
Patrice Roberts - Like It Hot (Kevin Intro)
Shal Marshall - Party We Love
Timeka Marshall - Winey Winey
Problem Child - Good Up Good Up
Erphaan Alves - Compromise
Voice - Smile
Patrice Roberts - This Is De Place
Marge Blackman x Turner - Soca To The World
Bunji Gariln - Raise Them
Kerry John - Bring It Back
Viking Ding Dong - Greatness
Hollabak x Machel Montano - Enjoy
Machel Montano - Brace Up (Kidd Frost Intro)
MX Prime - Seek and Find
Olatunji - Oh Me Oh My
Bunji Garlin - Badang!
Chromatics - Bigger Dan Dem
Kes The Band - Love It (Ninja Refix)
Inzey - Hold
Azaryah - Sugar
Marvay - Hit De Boy
Olatunji - Thank Mama
Sekon Sta - I SWEAR
Miguel Maestre - Solo (Kevin Edit)
Dloxx, Machel Montano & M1 - Workie
Lyrikal - Passin Tru
Ricardo Drue - I Got You (Quixx Intro)
Mandella Linkz - Tombstone (Selector Buju Intro)
Problem Child - De Road (Soundboy Ryan RoadMix)
Shal Marshall - Trending (Soundboy Ryan ROADMIX)
V'ghn - Trouble In The Morning
Hollabak x Skinny Fabolous - Attitude
L Pank - Whole Night
Super Blue - Rag Storm
Zeek x Shal Marshall - Wet It Up (Remix)
Iwer George - Water Blessings
Nailah Blackman & Fay-Ann- Touch Down (NFL)
Lil Natty & Thunda - Section (Hook 1st Intro)
Iwer George - Road March Bacchanal 2 (Picong Fuh So)

Welcome to 2019 SOCA SWITCH


De party start! Your early warm 2019 T&T soca hits are here, including some lovey dovey, groovy and power hits.

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