Welcome to 2019 SPICE MAS COOL DOWN by DJ JEL

Track list

Slatta - Unbothered (Young Rizen Intro)
Boyzie x Lavaman - Chupid Man (Julian Rampaul Intro)
Hitz x Lavaman - I Am Mas
Lavaman x Hitz Phillip - Call Name (Ah' Go Whistle)
Towa Hill - Hornaman & De Realman
Inspector - Toy (Double A Giving Me Competition)
Khalifah x Melo - Grand Anse Grand Anse
Muddy, Squeeze Head, Lil Natty & Thunda - Freedom
Luni Spark & Electrify - Bacchanal Party
Lednek - CPL{Carnival Premiere League}
Runi Jay - Diagnosis (See Me And Gone)
Lavaman - Rivers and Ting
Skinny Fabolous x V'ghn x Lavaman - Jab People
Mr. Killa x King Bubba FM - Party Criminal
Boyzie - For Kim
Loose Cannon - Under We Oil
Alma Boy - Wuk Out
Tallpree - Wine Down
Terra D Governer - Matilda (Intro)
Lavaman - Jab Jab For Life
Lavaman- Throw It Out
Wetty Beatz - Normal
Problem Child - Nasty Up
Lyrikal - Rukshun
Lil Natty x Thunda - Going Still
Lil Natty x Thunda - Jamming [Re-Mastered] (Intro)
Terra D Governer - Black Power
Boyzie - The Return
Lil Kerry - Come Around
Jab King x Afro Davii x Chum - Ah Go Pay
Valene Nedd - Wung Fu
Muddy - Stagga Party
Muddy - Hard Wuk
Terra D Governor - Hoodoo Wine (What One Wine Could Do)
Shortpree - Every Body Going
Blaxx & V'ghn - Keep It
Tamantha-Chole - La Vida Loca
Pappy Boi - Undecided
Mr. Killa - Advantage
Mr Killa - Oil It Up (Clean)
Dash - Ah Telling Yuh
Dash - Doh Rest
V'ghn - Soca Nice
V'ghn - Dirty Heart
Lyrikal - Gyal Messenger
Kuttit - Rudeness
Slatta x Skinny Fabulous - Same Result
Mason - Couple Shots (Clean)
Teddy Rhymes x Machel Montano - Stink Behaviour
Skinny Banton - Wrong Again
Lavaman - Rum & Pum Pum (Clean)
Lavaman - Forever Young
Cryave - Genie Lover
Mandella Linkz - Jab Celebrity
Skinny Banton - Never Done
Valane Nedd- Can't Stop Me
Terra D Governor - Secret Luva
Insepctor - Cell Phone
Lavaman & TallPree - Jambalasee
Lavaman - In My World
Abby - Mas Of The Year
Afro Davii _ Chumx - Powerpuff Girls
Jab King - Start To Move Like Jab
Jab King - Children Of D Cane
Anthony Kd - Jab Doh Talk
Lavaman - Jab Advocate
Preziii - Doh Bring Dat
Jello, Bess - Mass Must Play
Hypa 4000 - Move Up
Jab King - Ahtwah
Lednek - Real Boom Boom
Lil Natty & Thunda - Go So
Slatta - Wukking High (Julian Rampaul Intro)
Lil Kerry x Travis World - Money Maker
Terra D Governor x Travis World - Home Wreaker
Lavaman x Travis World - Full Cooler
V'ghn - Ease Me Up
Dash - Generation Of Mas
Voice X Wuss Ways X Travis World - Pandemonium (DJMagnet Intro Refix)
Voice & Tallpree X Travis World - Dis Is Mas
Mr. Killa - Leggo De Jab
V'ghn - Case And Ah Half
Tallpree - Bois Bande
Luni Spark & Electrify X Boyzie - We Doh Take Programme
Skull Dawg - Run Down Gyal
Buckwild - Run Road
Landlord - Undercover Jab
Buckwild - Darkside
Big Red - Typa Way
Slatta - Never See Come See
Smallz & D' Regulars - Donald Trump
Terra D Governor - Blow Jab
Lavaman - Mad Jab
Fay Ann Lyons & TallPree - Go Through
Mr. Killa - Run Wid it
Alma Boy - Non Stop
Lil Natty & Thunda x Alison Hinds - Heavy Machine

Welcome to 2019 SPICE MAS COOL DOWN


Take a shot and just free up nah. Spice mas 2019 is here, so it's time to play a jab. Features the best from Grenada and a splash of Carriacou including Jab King, Slatta, Lunispark & Electrify, Boyzie, Lavaman and more. The ultimate mix for Spice Mas 2019.

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