Welcome to Caribbean Island Hits by A i Productions

Track list

1. Ajahfari- Life Spear(Raw)
2. Louie Culture- Legalize Marijuana
3. 3 Starr-Your Love
4. Determine- You Make Me Smile
5. Big Youth- Cast Thy Breed
6. Chuck Fonda- God Answer Prayer
7. Bugle- Speak Yuh Mind
8. Chan Dizzy- Hero
9. Christopher Martin- Playing Games With My Heart
10. Gangoolle- Mary Go Round
11. Gage- Nuh Bada Talk
12. Alkaline- Hard Work
13. Chase Cross- Party
14. King Bubba FM- Come Out To Win
15. Erphaan Alves-25 To Life
16. Blaxx-Badness
17. Lil Rick-Great Day
18. Errol Dunkley-My Lady
19. Bookie- Dem Nuh Bad
20. Blade Skeemaz- Revolution

Welcome to Caribbean Island Hits

by A i Productions


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