Welcome to New Soca 2020 - When Soca Take Over by DJ Doogie

Track list

The Struggle (Soca 2020)
Feeling It (Soca 2020)
Wrong Again (Horn Machine Riddim) Soca 2020 - (192 kbps)
Gimme D Road (Road Mix) (Soca 2020)
Soca Take Over (Soca 2020)
Champion Gyal (Soca 2020)
Life Time (Soca 2020)
Sugar Cane (Soca 2020)
Sink In Ya Back (Soca 2020)
Matey (Remix) (Soca 2020)
Up & Up (Soca 2019)
Party Bad (Intro Outro) (Soca 2016)
Jumbo Jet (Soca 2016)
Hello Carnival (Main) (Soca 2020)
Most Wanted (Main) (Soca 2020)
Come Into You (Soca 2020)
Who Pay (Big Bumper) (Soca 2020)
Fire Blaze (Soca 2020)
Tambourine (Soca 2020)
I Love My Rum (Soca 2020)
Mix Up (Soca 2019)
Man With Ride (Big Ride) (Soca 2019)
Big Ride (Soca 2020)
Gih Dem (Soca 2020)
I Have A Problem (Soca 2020)
Pull Up (Soca 2020)
Toat No Feelings (Soca 2020)
Hot Gyal Soca (Soca 2020)
No Scene (Soca 2020)
Instrumental (Soca 2020)
Boss Wine (Soca 2020)
Bad Gyal Section (Soca 2020)
Oil Drum (Marcus Williams Roadmix)
Super Soca (Marcus Williams Road Edit)
Carry On (Soca 2020)
Play Harder (Marcus Williams Roadmix)
Love Potion (Marcus Williams Roadmix) (Soca 2020)
Talking That Talk (Soca 2020)
Hide & Seek (Soca 2020)
Love & Hate (Soca 2020)
Bring Da Whine (Soca 2020)
Instrumental (Soca 2020)
We Outside DJ Doogie Intro
Real Woman (Soca 2020)
Waste Man (Soca 2020)
2Easy (Soca 2020)
Upness (Soca 2020)
Tight Pants Anthem (Soca 2020)
Cosign (Soca 2020)
Together We Reign (Soca 2020)
Stay So (edit)
Slow Wine (Soca 2020)
Slow Wine (Main) (Soca 2020)

Welcome to New Soca 2020 - When Soca Take Over

by DJ Doogie

New Soca 2020 featuring top hits from Machel Skinny Bunji Swappi Destra Kes Erphan Rupee Marsville Salty Sekon GBM King bubba Motto Nessa Shal Lyrikal Konshens Nailah Vybz Patrice 5 Star Abdiel Ravi Shurwayne Farmer Busy Remix Mashup Best Soca Top Soca Carnival Mashramani Mash GT TNT Music GM Memoirs Music tiktok love music dance Guyana Trinidad Barbados St. Lucia Lucian Vincy ISM Jamaica French Guiana Belize St. Lucia Grenada St. Kitts and Nevis British Virgin Island Canada UK London England Holland Nederland Amsterdam Paramaribo South America Martinique Guadeloupe Couva CSM Indian Caribbean Guyanese Trini georgetown West Indian DJ Doogie

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