Welcome to Nineties Dancehall Reminiscent Vol. 1 by Blaque Aquarius Entertainment

Track list

Intro with Platinum Lynx from Yung Starz Alliance
Captain Barkley - Gal In Mi Room (Gyal In Mi Room)
Determine - Searching (Gyal In Mi Room)
Dirtsman - Bubble & Wine (Cherry Oh Baby)
Mad Cobra - Tek Him (Cherry Oh Baby)
Louie Culture - Hold On Tight (Cherry Oh Baby)
Spragga Benz - Heaven Sent ( Heavenly )
Tony Curtis - Sweet Lady (Heavenly)
Tanto Metro & Devonte - Blow My Mind (Heavenly)
Sean Paul - Punkie (Heavenly)
Spragga Benz & Chevelle Franklyn - A1 Lover
Spragga Benz - Hunting (Joyride)
Frisco Kid - Rubbers (Joyride)
Lady Saw - Under Sicamore Tree (Joyride)
Tanya Stephens - You Naw Ready (Joyride)
Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham - Joy Ride (Joyride)
Beenie Man - Silent Violence (Joyride)
Buju Banton - How It A Go (Joyride)
Mr Easy & Baby Cham - Strange Things (Joyride)
Silver Cat - Naw Go Bow (Joyride)
Wayne Wonder - Bashment Girls (Joyride)
Super Cat - Sound And Power (Joyride)
Crissy D - Here Comes The Rain (Quicksand)
General Degree - My Kinda Gyal (Quicksand)
Hawkeye - What-s New (Quicksand)
Bounty Killer & Richie Stephens - Magnet (Quicksand)
Lady Saw - Serious Allegation (Anything)
General Degree - Homework (Anything)
Chevelle Franklyn - Serious Girl (Anything)
Spragga Benz - Nice And Cute (Anything)
Snow featuring Nadine Sutherland, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Terror Fabulous, Louie Cultue, Kulcha Knox - Anything For You (Anything)
General Degree - Dutch Pot (Pot Cover)
Crissy D - Strike Like Matches (Pot Cover)
Lady G - Only One Man (Pot Cover)
Lady Saw - Nah Mix Nah Mingle (Pot Cover)
Red Rat - Don-t Worry (Pot Cover)
Mad Cobra - Tek It Off (Pot Cover)
Red Rat - Buddy She Want (Ants Nest)
Mr Vegas - Number 1 (Ants Nest)
Goofy - Things Could Be Worst (Ants Nest)
Mad Anjuu - Wha Dis Fadda (Ants Nest)
Beenie Man - Hundred Dollar Bag (Ants Nest)
Buccaneer - Bruk Out (Heavy Metal)
Goofy & Sanchez - Whining Machine (Heavy Metal)
Hawkeye - Man Puppy Show (Heavy Metal)
Beenie Man - Made It (Heavy Metal)
Spragga Benz - Some Bwoy (Heavy Metal)
Goofy - Dick (Heavy Metal)
Beenie Man - Romie (Now A Days)
Beenie Man - Girls Dem Sugar (Now A Days)
Beenie Man & Tanto Metro - Middle Of The Night (Now A Days)
Ward 21 - Five A Day (Punanny 2000)
Beenie Man - Who Am I (Playground)
Mad Cobra - Pet And Pamper (Playground)
Mr Vegas - Nike Air (Playground)
Sean Paul - Infiltrate (Playground)
Spragga Benz - Strong Performer (Playground)
Beenie Man - Ole Dawg (Stink)
Alley Cat - Hotter (Stink)
Spragga Benz - Watcher (Stink)
Rude Boy Kelly - Girls Anthem (Stink)
Baby Cham - The Mass (Stink)
Wayne Wonder & Frisco Kid - Dream Land (Stink)
Merciless - Gizalda (Stink 2)
Captain Barkey - Go Go Wine (Stink 2)
Tony Curtis - Do You Wanna (Stink 2)
Tony Curtis - Faith (Faith)
Mr Vegas - Hand Up (Faith)
Mr Vegas & Lady G - Hotter Than The Rest (Faith)
Spragga Benz & Notch - Go Girl (Faith)
Scare Dem Crew - Girls Everyday (Faith)
T.O.K - Mona Lisa (Faith)
Hawkeye - Ohh Ah Ah (Faith)
Goofy - Below D Navel (Faith)
Hawkeye - No Beg (Orgasm)
Lexxus - Full Hundred (Orgasm)
Mr Vegas - Girls Time (Orgasm)
Mega Banton - No Flex One Gal (Orgasm)
T.O.K. - Ginsing (Orgasm)
Beenie Man featuring Ricky Ruddy A.K.A Bling Dawg - Circumstances (Orgasm)
Chico - Nah Support Dem (Raw) (Orgasm)
Kiprich - Cut Him Off (Orgasm)
Alozade - Bad Man Cousin (Orgasm)
Shams - Orgasm Riddim (Orgasm)
Capleton - More Fire (Pigtail)
Third Bass & Destra - Just A Friend (Pigtail)
Merciless - I Like (Pigtail)

Welcome to Nineties Dancehall Reminiscent Vol. 1

by Blaque Aquarius Entertainment

Blaque Aquarius Entertainment slows it down with “Nineties Dancehall Reminiscent Volume One “. Some of your favourite dancehall riddims and artiste on one mixtape. Follow me on www.instagram.com/blaque.aquarius or www.facebook.com/BlaqueAquariusEntertainment

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