Welcome to Premium Blends - Notorious BIG Edition by Dj M-Ron

Track list

1. Intro - Premium Blends - Biggie Smalls & Dj M-Ron
2. Deadly Combination - Biggie feat. 2 Pac (Dj M-Ron Remix)
3. Flava In Ya Ear - All Stars (Dj M-Ron Remix)
4. Bus a Nut - Biggie feat. Luke (Dj M-Ron Remix)
5. Dangerous MC's - Biggie feat. Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes (Dj M-Ron Remix)
6. Hypnotize - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
7. Three Bricks - Biggie feat. Raekwon, Ghostface (Dj M-Ron Remix)
8. Party & Bull$hit - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
9. Can I Get Wit Ya - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
10. My Downfall - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
11. Lets Get It On - Biggie feat. Heavy D, 2 Pac, Grand Puba (Dj M-Ron Remix)
12. Dead Wrong - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
13. Come On - Biggie feat. Sadat X (Dj M-Ron Remix)listen download
14. I Love the Dough - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
15. Nasty Girl - Biggie feat. Diddy, Jagged Edge, Nelly (Dj M-Ron Remix)
16. Going Back to Cali - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
17. The Funk - Biggie feat. Redman, Nate Dogg (Dj M-Ron Remix)
18. Notorious - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
19. Queen Bitch - Biggie feat. Lil Kim, Jay-Z (Dj M-Ron Remix)
20. I Got a Story to Tell - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
21. Hold Ya Head (When I Die) - Biggie Smalls (Dj M-Ron Remix)
22. Outro - Premium Blends - Biggie Smalls & Dj M-Ron

Welcome to Premium Blends - Notorious BIG Edition

by Dj M-Ron

A Compilation of Classic Biggie Tracks with Classic Hip-Hop Beats Remixed by Dj M-Ron. Full Streams at Soundcloud.com/djmron or Mixcloud.com/djmron. For More Visit www.facebook.com/djmron.fanpage. Contact djmron@gmail.com. http://www.facebook.com/djmron.fanpage http://www.twitter.com/djmron http://www.mixcloud.com/djmron

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