Welcome to Retro Back in Times Soca 4 by Dj Floops

Track list

Bunji Garlin - Snake Oil
Denise Belfon - Roughest Wine
Nicky Cordner - Wet Meh
Machel Montano & Burning Flames - Showdown
Peter C Lewis - Tay Lay Lay
Wanskie - Chi Chi Man
JW & Blaze - Palance
Flo PG - Nasty
Lil Rick - Spread Out
Machel Montano - Madder Than That
Burning Flames - Mash it Up
Iwer George - Ready
Allison Hinds - Jab Jab Crew
Dawg E Slaughter - Tic Toc
Naya George - Trinidad
Machel Montano - Mad Man
Blazer Dan - Wrong Timing
Bunji Garlin - Rape
Iwer George - Tension

Welcome to Retro Back in Times Soca 4

by Dj Floops

This one is a good power soca set.....great for the gym. I even lost some weight making it :)

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