Welcome to Sweet Soca Session May 2014 by Dj Floops

Track list

Mistah Dale - Stressless
Kerlz - Stand Up (Not My Business Riddim)
Remixah- Feed Meh Nah (Not My Business Riddim)
Fadda Moses - Good O Body
Drop (Precision Productions & Platta King Bubba Fm)
Blood - Certified Feter
Cherrish - Show Me Badness (Axiom Riddim)
Lead Pipe & Saddis - Ah Feeling (Axiom Riddim)
Mr Killa - Pepper Wine
Peter Ram - None A My Business
Skinny Banton - Ancient Jab (Bare Foot Riddim)
Shortpree - Ah like it (Bare Foot Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Bad Boy (Gimme Lil Piece) (Bad Boy Riddim)
Lil Rick - U & I (Sunburn Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Done De Place
Adrian Clarke - Your Body
Marzville x Mikey - Do Bad
Skinny Fabulous ft. Diplo - Party Hardcore
Tian Winter - Alive
Chain ft. Mr. Killa - WD(40)
Farmer Nappy - Bring Iron Beater
Fya Empress - Fya Meets Ice
Hammer - Fair Exchange (Conception Riddim)
Lucy - Leave Me Alone (Conception Riddim)
Saddis - Take Away Mi Stress (Sour Sop Riddim)
Leadpipe - Carnival Addiction (Sour Sop Riddim)
Inches - Vibes (So Nice) (Sour Sop Riddim)
Hypasounds - So Good
King Bubba FM ft. Lil Rick - Bad From Mi Born
Mikey - Next to De Rope
Jahmel ft. Leadpipe & Saddis - Ooh Mama
Mr Killa - Cock It Up
Porgie & Murda - Benup
Dee1 - Girls Love to Party (Nice Time Riddim) Prod.By Noah X
Nagalus - Tell No Lie (Nice Time Riddim) Prod.By Noah X
Problem Child ft. Patrice Roberts - Born To Win

Welcome to Sweet Soca Session May 2014

by Dj Floops

May 2014 installment

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