Welcome to The Viking (The Best Of Bunji) by Close Connections

Track list

CC Bunji Intro
Truck on De Road
Big Bad Soca
Take Over Town (w/R City)
Carnival Tabanca
The Canvas
Renegade Soca (w/Ataklan)
This Time
Hard Wine
Plenty Gal
We Done Dey
New York Freestyle
Big Blood (w/Treason)
Run Away (w/Kerwin Dubois)
Feels Like An Earthquake
Pat Your Drum
Girls Town
Carnival Today
It's a Carnival
Buss Head (w/Machel)
Live & Wine (w/Julien Believe)
To De Future
Cosmic Shift
So & So
Jungle Bae (w/Skrillex)
Carnival (w/4B)
Our Time
Road Bunx
Throw it Back
Bicycle Ride (w/Vybz Kartel)
Straight off The Jumbo Jet
Climb Up
Blaze De Fire
Stand up For Warriors
Coofy Lie Lie (w/Singing Sandra)
Line Up
One Family
One More Week (w/Jungle)
Send Dat Riddim Crazy
Snake Oil
We Doh Watch Face
Party Start (w/Super Blue)
Get on Bad (w/Onika)
Soca Bangahra (w/Shammi)
Blow it Up (w/Kerwin & Baba Shanta)
Carnival Country (w/Lil Bitts)
Island (w/Patrice)
Fete is Fete
Bomb Song
Gimme De Brass
Chant Down Babylon
Doh Fight
Mother & Wife
Warrior Cry
War Song
Hold A Burn
Go Home (w/Fayann)
Mad Carnival
Bad Like We (w/Tallpree)
Bruk Out
Vikings Coming
Touch the Stage
Wine up Your Body
Chicken & Dumplin
Over The Hills
Bring It (w/Hunter)
Wishful Encounters
Break Away
Piece of Meat
Hands Up
In Meh Brain (w/Benjai)
By De Bar (w/Godfathers Asylum)
Dead Presidents(w/Treason)
We Dread (w/Benjai)
Top Shotta Gal
Turn Me On
In De Mood (w/Alison Hinds)
Snake Oil Pt 2 (w/Skarz)
Red Light District
All O Dem
Call Me (w/Fayann)

Welcome to The Viking (The Best Of Bunji)

by Close Connections

A Compilation of Bunji Garlins Greatest Hits

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