Welcome to DJ Versatile Island Fusion Soca mix 2012 Volume 2 by DJ Versatile "The Riddim Driver"

Track list

Track 1: Mr.Vegas Beautiful Life (758 Soca Remix)
Track 2: POPCAAN PARTY SHAT Kurt Riley soca remix
Track 4: (Slo wine riddim) Peter Ram Party
Track 5: (Slo wine riddim) Lil Rick Bubble Like She
Track 6: (Slo wine riddim) KES THE BAND real love
Track 7: (Slo wine riddim) patrice roberts TOUCH ME
Track 8: ILeah Wine Down
Track 9: Stephon Hendricks Rude Wine
Track 11: Always Remix Mastah Flex
Track 13: (Asti riddim) D'Natural Whine Gyal
Track 14: (Asti riddim) Gailann Jam Likle Harder
Track 15: (Asti riddim) Ronnie Homer This Gyal
Track 16: (Asti riddim) Sir Skarz & Snypah Leave We Alone
Track 17: (Asti riddim) Yankey Boy Rumors
Track 18: (Asti riddim) ACE & LYRIKAL JOUVERT MORNING
Track 19: (Banjo power riddim) PROBLEM CHILD feat. PATRICE ROBERTS love meh carnival
Track 20: (Banjo power riddim) Alison Hinds Baddy
Track 21: (Black cinderella riddim) Scady P ft Sugar J & Courtney 'Curty' Louis Make It Bubble
Track 22: (Black cinderella riddim) Marie Ann BLACK CINDERELLA
Track 23: (Black cinderella riddim) Mongster Glo Ko Ko
Track 24: (Party island riddim) Instrumental
Track 25: (Party island riddim) Indian My island
Track 26: (Party island riddim) Dean Roberts We fetting
Track 27: (Party island riddim) Arcakode an Tibizzy Whine up on me
Track 28: (Party island riddim) Alpha Hard for me
Track 29: (Sapodilla brown riddm) Yaga Nice time
Track 30: (Sapodilla brown riddim Sharrie Jones Sweetest Wine
Track 31: (Sapodilla brown riddim) Laura Lisa Wine on me
Track 32: (Sapodilla brown riddim) Blacka Dan 3 Dollar Bread
Track 33: (Spanish fly riddim) Daneel I Love The Way
Track 34: (Spanish fly riddim) Ricardo Drue Get To Know You
Track 35: (Spanish fly riddim) Problem Child Life of The Party
Track 36: (Spanish fly riddim) Patrice Roberts A Little Wine (Indiflo remix)
Track 37: (Golden voice riddim) YOUNG SOUND WHINING SEASON
Track 38: (Golden voice riddim) BERBICE feat.YOUNG VOICE never let go
Track 39: (I wanna riddim) Lavaman Drunk Drinking
Track 40: (I wanna riddim) Berbice Dance With You
Track 41: (Sugar waist riddim) Wizskid Party Steady
Track 42: (Sugar waist riddim) Beatz Feat. Banco Wetty
Track 43: (Sugar waist riddim) Shazeke D Sugar Waist
Track 44: (Sugar waist riddim) Shade & Lite Secret Move
Track 45: (Sugar waist riddim) Mystro The Sugar Waist
Track 46: (Sugar waist riddim) Fya Empress True Vincy
Track 47: Lyrikal 25-8
Track 48: (island mas riddim) Edwin Yearwood Pushin It
Track 49: (island mas riddim) allison hinds GALS WANT MORE IRON
Track 50: Edwin Yearwood & Alison Hinds Hit Ah Nerve
Track 51: Marcus PAINT & MUD
Track 52: Rayzor Sponser Meh
Track 53: Shall Marshall Type of Wine
Track 54: SuperJigga TC Action
Track 55: (3zero riddim) Machel Montano Bottle of Rum
Track 56: (3zero riddim) Benjai The People's Champion
Track 57: (Antilles riddim) Nadia Batson Shiver
Track 58: (Antilles riddim) Kenne Blessin Ft VIVI You & Me
Track 59: (Antilles riddim) Erphaan Alves In Your Eyes
Track 60: (Antilles riddim) Machel Montano Vibes Cyah Done
Track 61: (Antilles riddim) Kerwin Du Bois Bacchanalist
Track 62: Mr Vegas Feat Alison Hinds Bruk It Down soca remix

Welcome to DJ Versatile Island Fusion Soca mix 2012 Volume 2

by DJ Versatile "The Riddim Driver"

Dj Versatile "The riddim driver" presents "Island Fusion soca mix 2012 Volume 2. Shout out to all who downloaded volume 1 on islandmix.com and my youtube channel. Trust me, you will like this one as well. As always keep it locked for future mixes and spread the word. Everyone have a fun and safe labor day NY carnival weekend 2012 and in Miami 2012.

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